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-An Article By Shachi Maheshwari
Career GuidanceHow to do hard jobs first?
How many times have you skipped hard jobs and taken over to easy ones?
I guess all of us do that isn’t it?
What can be the way out on that?
We often do not want to take up hard jobs first due to one of the two reasons- Either we think more efforts are required than how it looks or else we think we will not be able to finish it. Well, for most of us it is just a matter of shift in the mind for some who procrastinate a lot, it is really a big job to convince them to overcome it. Let us understand the real benefits of choosing to do hard jobs first:
  • You will be able to SELF MOTIVATE always in life as the left out ones will always be easy ones
  • You will be always MORE PEACEFUL than in stress as the once which had struggles will be completed first
  • You will always LEARN MORE in the process of hard jobs than in easy ones
  • You will be OPEN MINDED and brainstorming more on NEW POSSIBILITIES AND OPPORTUNITIES to resolve
  • You will be able to PROGRESS AND GROW MORE in your professional and personal life

It is good to know that there are various benefits which draw us more towards taking up the hard choices first but are there some techniques to ensure that when you take up the hard ones go for this approach to gain better results? Well, let’s discuss and detail some of them here to make a harder job easier for you:

Keep it fun with health
For everything you take up which is more challenging you must be supported enough with your body conditions. Your body has to be fit and fine for accepting the challenges of late jobs, hard work, mental stability, enthusiasm and health to put in required efforts.

Jump into the pool now
Whatever you have learned as strokes and positions outside the swimming pool to learn swimming is not good enough. You must get into the pool and apply them and take a plunge to learn the applicability only then you will gain confidence and get the ease to do the same job with lesser efforts and stress in the mind. Taking a deep dive into the pool is the only way to learn swimming and not just by taking and knowledge. Taking up a tough job with full spirit is as good as jumping in the pool to know how it will be actually done. So don’t wait for right time. Now is the right time.

Any work which is performed seventy percent good is good to be delegated to that person. A perfectionist does not exist in this world. Do your best by adding value on what you can do and delegate all the rest jobs.

One thing at a time
Do not take up too many new things at one go. Take one by one and see the fun of how you can proficiently handle every hard job wonderfully.

Complete heavier half
You will always increase the speed for the second half of the series if the easier stuff is left as you will be feeling that the heavier is done and the easier is only left. So your speed and spirits will be high to complete the other half which is full of easier jobs.

A mindset is the key to any turnaround in life; change the way you think about gaining on doing harder jobs and tune it take it up first and see your seamless performance to your astonishment because-
“Our unleashed potential will be known by us only when we choose to take up the harder jobs first”

Author: Shachi Maheshwari
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Published on 2/18/2019 2:57:00 PM

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