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Aaghaz Educational Foundation Scholarships for both Pre Metric and Post Metric School going children

Aaghaz Educational Foundation offers scholarships for both Pre Metric and Post Metric School going children.

Since 2004, Aaghaz has helped over 2,500 poor Muslim children at the grassroots, including many orphans, giving away Rs. 3 million in financial assistance and scholarship programmes.

How to Apply
As soon as someone recommends Aaghaz a student who needs financial support, Aaghaz asks its members to volunteer for a pre-scholarship survey. A minimum of three volunteers are needed. The volunteers visit the student’s house with a set of questionnaire based on objectively verifiable indicators to determine whether or not the student is eligible for scholarship. The academic record of the student, his / her financial condition etc., are among several key things that are taken into consideration. Priority is given to orphans and meritorious student. Once it has been vetted, the case is discussed at our meetings and, subject to survey findings, the scholarship is approved or rejected.

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Published on 5/4/2014 3:41:00 PM

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