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Andhra Pradesh State Minorities Finance Corporation Pre Metric Scholarship

Pre Metric scholarship will be sanctioned to the economically backward minority students studying in class 6th to 10th whose parent/guardian income is below Rs 1 lakh per annum. The rates of Scholarship are as follows.


Scholarship Amount

6th to 8th Class

Rs 600 per annum

IX to X Class

Rs 800 per annum

Pre Metric scholarship will be sanctioned to the economically backward Minority students from 6th to 10th Class, Whose family income does not exceed Rs 1 lakh- per annum. The Scholarship amount shall be disbursed to the students who put in 75% attendance in normal time.

Procedure for Disbursement
  1. The eligible students should submit filled in application forms through the institutions to the Executive Director/DMWOs of the concerned districts.
  2. On receipt of scholarship forms, EDs/DMWOs will scrutinize all application forms and data will be entered in the website through online and submit the eligible students list to the selection committee for approval.
  3. The Selection Committee consists of Joint Collector, District Education Officer, ED APSMFC/DMWO. The list will be approved by the committee duly following the procedure for sanction of scholarships.
Release and Disbursement
a.The scholarship amount will be released to the student’s bank account directly from the ED/DMWO's office.

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Published on 5/12/2014 10:28:00 AM

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