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Management Quota (C - category Seats)
According to the G.O. 136, the medical/dental seats in private non-minority medical and dental colleges are divided into three categories namely A, B and C. And 50%, 10% and 40% seats are allocated to these categories, respectively.

The A and B category seats are filled by Dr. NTR University of Health Sciences under "Convener Quota" and the remaining 40% seats of the C category are left to "Management Quota". These C category seats or management quota seats can be filled by private college management as per the provisions of the government.

So far, the managements are filling up these seats with the students those who have minimum 50 % marks in their Intermediate with BiPC group, irrespective of their participation and rank in the Eamcet.

However, according to the judgments of Supreme Court, the management quota seats shall also be filled according to the merit list, which is prepared based on the students' performance either in the Eamcet or an entrance exam conducted by the Private Colleges’ Consortium.

Private colleges have challenged these verdicts in the apex court and arguments are in their concluding phase now. The admission procedure for management seats will soon be decided by the Supreme Court in its final verdict on National Entrance cum Eligibility Test (NEET). The admission will be done either through NEET or Eamcet or the entrance test conducted by the Private Colleges’ Consortium. The final decision the court on NEET will also offer answer to this problem.

For this academic year, the AP government has decided to make medical admission based on the Eamcet ranks. However, the mode of admissions for management quota seats hasn't been finalised by the time of filing this article. Whichever the mode, the Admission and Fee Regulatory Committee (AFRC) will decide the fees for the colleges based on the expenditure reports submitted by the colleges.

As of now, the fee for MBBS A category seat is Rs. 60,000, B category seat is Rs. 2,40,000 and C category seat is Rs. 5,50,000 and the fee for BDS seat is Rs. 2.5 lakh. There is a strong proposal for fee hike by the private managements, which may be conceded by the government.
The revised fees for present academic year could be 10 % to 15 % higher than the previous year fees. The fees which are going to be hiked this year will be applicable until 2016.

According to the G.O. 136, the procedure for filling up of management quota seats is -
  1. The colleges shall advertise in reputed news papers to seek applications from eligible candidates.
  2. The format of application form must be same for all the candidates.
  3. Respective colleges must finalise the deadlines for application reception and collect the required certificates along with the application forms.
  4. The receipt issued by the colleges also must be of common format.
  5. After scrutinizing the application forms, the colleges shall prepare merit lists based on the students' marks in their Intermediate (with BiPC group).
  6. The colleges shall forward the merit lists to the Health University for examination and ratification.
  7. The merit lists shall be ratified by the Health University after due procedure.
  8. The colleges must exhibit the merit lists that got ratified by the Health University in their respective notice boards.
  9. The colleges must grant admissions only to those students whose names got ratified by the Health University.
Published on 6/17/2013 4:57:00 PM
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