Being a good doctor is the most important achievement...
Dr. P. Srinivas, Principal, Osmania Medical College

MBBS is one of the best medical degrees, which offers rewarding career and high social esteem. Lakhs of students work hard from the day one of their Intermediate to secure the best possible rank in Eamcet. Securing MBBS seat is considered as a challenge by the students though, they indeed face the real challenge after joining the programme. In an exacting course like MBBS, students have to work from the day one to succeed in their careers.

The Principal of Osmania Medical College, Dr. P. Srinivas discusses about the challenges in medical education and advises on prerequisites for success in the medical profession.

Becoming an efficient doctor who doesn’t compromise on values is the most important achievement in this Godly profession. Though the profession provides the opportunity to achieve high professional accomplishments and make good money, it is remain important to stand as a dedicated doctor who adheres to a value system and treat patients with care and concern.

Start from 'Zero'
Generally students enter into a relax mode after securing the medical seat. They must have burnt quite a lot of midnight oil throughout their two-year Intermediate to make to that point. However, the thing is - real challenge begins now.

For an uninterrupted and successful medical career, students need to start their learning from the scratch after joining MBBS. The knowledge they have acquired in their Intermediate is of mere foundational nature. Hence, they should not get overconfident about their success in medicine just because they had done well in Intermediate. Each paper in MBBS introduces a total new subject. Students, therefore, must double their effort after joining MBBS, which means they have to end their party mode as soon as possible and get back to their work routine.

Seemingly tough subjects
Anatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry, Surgery Medicine, Orthopedics, Gynecology and Pediatrics are considered to be the most difficult subjects by the students. To master these subjects, students not only have to study academic books, but also develop application approach. They should go beyond classroom learning.

Even before House Surgency...
House Surgencyship, the internship which starts after four years of academic study helps the MBBS students to acquire practical knowledge. Many medicos would not prefer to interact with patients before House Surgencyship. They don’t feel the need to interact with patients before the internship. However, it shouldn’t be case.

Practical knowledge plays a very important role in MBBS from the day one; it helps the growth of an efficient doctor. Therefore, the medicos should always go for ward-rounds, interact with patients, try comparing their classroom learning with what they are seeing in the wards and observe how the seniors are treating those patients. This process shall start from the first year itself. Students shall always try to coordinate their classroom learning with practical experience. This is the best method to master the medical subjects.

Dedication in House Surgency...
House Surgency is phase where students meet the patients directly. Patience is the most important trait that a medico shall exhibit during this phase. He/she must listen to the problems of patients with utmost empathy and calm state of mind. They shall apply their subject knowledge in advising the patients on medication and treatment process. Medicos must nurture their dedication from this stage itself.

Continuous Learning...
MBBS requires continuous enquiry and learning. It is the only way to master the tough medical subjects. Daily revision of topics that are taught in classroom shall become the part of student’s routine and minimum of 5 to 6 hours self-learning is a must in MBBS. Those who have joined in teaching hospitals must try to learn things on their own and going for regular ward-rounds must not be neglected.

Apron, the Symbol of Dedication
The main problem with present day's medicos is - their love of unlimited liberty. They no longer seem to hold medicine as a sacred profession. Their altering dressing pattern has been reflecting this prevailing trend. Wearing apron and stethoscope throughout their working day is must for a medico. They shall always remember that they have entered into a blessed profession and society hold them with very high regard.

PG - the Bedrock of Success
MBBS alone would not ensure a promising career in today's world of competition. Hence, the students must set PG seat as their target. As very few PG seats are on offer in our country, it is imperative for them to work towards the target from their day one itself.

The medical colleges must also try increasing the PG seats. Such step will help produce more number of quality doctors. According to the present MCI regulations, the medical colleges with more than 5 years experience can introduce PG courses. After PG, students shall aim for super speciality courses, which would ensure a robust career.

Employment...depends on your preference
Generally medicos ponder over three career choices viz. government service, private employment and own medical practice. Answer to this question lies in the medico’s attitude, interests and personal factors. However, irrespective of the option, they must uphold the service motto, which is the central ethic of medical practice.

Pragmatically speaking, medicine involves expenditure of good amount of money and it is natural on the part of the medical graduates to expect commensurate income after their education. However, they must be ready to serve at least 20% of their patients for free of cost.

Misconception and Greed, both must be dropped
Presently, two problems are troubling medical profession - one is from academic point of view and another is from career point of view. The problem that has been troubling academically is - misconception about the duration of medical education. Students think studying medicine for ten years is a daunting task. However, the thing they need to remember is people from all professions are undergoing continuous learning in today's competitive world; it is not confined only to medical profession. The second problem is greed. After spending a lot of money for medical degree, most of the graduates are developing greed and mercantile attitude.

The misconception and greed, both must be dropped. We must not allow these problems to bring down the purpose and dignity of medical profession.
Being a good doctor is the most important achievement!
Published on 6/15/2013 3:44:00 PM

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