AP Grama/ Ward (Secretariat) Sachivalayam Jobs: How to apply?

Read: AP Grama Secretariat (Sachivalayam) Jobs: Vacancies list, Important Dates

Here is the online application procedure for applying AP grama/ ward sachivalayam jobs. Jobs Images
  1. Visit :Click Here .
  2. Submit Online Application by selecting your category.
Read: AP Ward Secretariat (Sachivalayam) Jobs: Vacancies list, Eligibility and Important Dates

Posts Under Category – I (Common Examination with preference)
  1. Panchayat Secretary (Grade-V)
  2. Mahila Police and Women & Child Welfare Assistant (Female)
  3. Welfare & Education Assistant
  4. Ward Administrative Secretary
  5. Ward Women & Weaker Sections Protection Secretary (Female)
APPLY Posts under Category – II
Group - A (Common Examination with preference)
  1. Engineering Assistant (Grade-II)
  2. Ward Amenities Secretary (Grade-II)
Group - B (Common Examination)
  1. Village Revenue Officer (Grade-II)
  2. Village Surveyer (Grade-III)
Posts under Category – III (Separate Exam For Each Post)
  1. Village Agriculture Assistant (Grade-II)
  2. Village Horticulture Assistant
  3. Village Fisheries Assistant
  4. Panchayat Secretary (Grade-VI)Digital Assistant
  5. Ward Sanitation & Environment Secretary (Grade-II)
  6. Ward Planning & Regulation Secretary (Grade-II)
  7. Animal Husbandry Assistant
  8. ANM/Ward Health Secretary (Grade-III) (Female)
  9. Ward Education & Data Processing Secretary
  10. Ward welfare & Development secretary (Grade-II)
  11. Village Sericulture Assistant

Published on 7/27/2019 3:20:00 PM

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