Roles and Responsibilities of Probationary Officers

  • In Probation Period i.e. the first 2 years after joining a bank the PO will be assigned any kind of bank related activity such as opening new accounts, deposits, receipts, loans, cheque books, ATM/Debit and Credit cards, Internet Banking, Mobile Banking, Cash Management, Supervision of clerical work etc. Purely it can be the clerk or assistant type of job.
  • PO will be trained as where he/she get practical knowledge in Deposits, Loans, Cheque books, ATM/Debit cards etc. By performing these functions, they become familiar with various working procedures of the bank.
  • He / She has to verify all the work done by a clerk. All the transactions of bank involve the role of make rand checker. For example, in cash transactions, if a clerk is the maker, then the PO is the checker.
  • Probationary Officer will have to work towards increasing the bank business viz. managing cash flow, loans recovery, planning, budgeting, marketing, loan processing and approval, investment management, mortgages and finances.
  • PO is supposed to work as a public relations officer when listening to customers, handling complaints regarding bank services, rectifying discrepancies in accounts, rectification of undue charges etc.
  • He/she takes care of the loan related documents and performs on-site visit of the loan taking parties wherever required.
  • PO should be aware of all the latest developments of the bank. They are required to read all the circulars and should know about all the decisions taken by the bank management.
  • He/She should be familiar with the bank environment and gain enough experience on bank's working procedures, based on their personal skills and aptitude. Sometimes he has to take the decisions to rectify the problems.
Published on 10/28/2015 1:01:00 PM
Roles and Responsibilities of Probationary Officers PO Roles and Responsibilities PO Duties in Banks Probationary Officers Duties in Banks

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