Bank Exams – Reasoning Ability Syllabus

Reasoning means the action of thinking about something in a logical and sensible way. The questions in this section are based on the data (Numbers, Names, Words and Figures). Using these data one should establish a relationship between two things asked in the question. This section aims at testing the rational thinking ability of an aspirant.

Reasoning Syllabus divided into mainly three parts called logical reasoning, verbal reasoning and non verbal reasoning. The questions in the exam appeared from the topics listed below.

Logical Reasoning
Logical Problems
Statements – Arguments
Statements – Assumptions
Statements – Conclusions (Syllogism)
Deriving Conclusions from Passages
Theme Detection
Question and Statements
Miscellaneous Logical Puzzles

Verbal Reasoning
Analogy (Number, Letter and Word)
Series Completion (Number & Letter)
Blood Relations
Puzzle Test (Seating Arrangement)
Sequential Output Tracing (Input Output test)
Direction Sense Test
Logical Venn Diagrams
Alphabet Test
Number Test
Ranking Test
Time Sequence Test
Word Formation
Mathematical Operations
Logical Sequence of words
Arithmetical Reasoning
Inserting Missing Characters
Data Sufficiency
Decision Making
Cause and Effect
Assertion and Reason
Situation Reaction Test
Verification of Truth

Non verbal Reasoning
Analytical Reasoning
Mirror Images
Water Images
Embedded Figures
Completion of Pattern
Figure Matrix
Paper Folding
Paper Cutting
Rule Detection
Group of Identical Figures
Cubes and Dice
Dot situation
Shape Construction
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