Junior Associate of Indian Institute of Bankers at Indian Institute of Banking & Finance

JAIIB aims at providing required level of basic knowledge in banking and financial services, banking technology, customer relations, basic accountancy and legal aspects necessary for carrying out day to day banking operations. The examination will be conducted normally twice a year in May / June and November / December on Sundays.

(i) The examination is open only to the ordinary members of the Institute (Any person working in the banking and finance industry whose employer is an Institutional member of the Institute can apply for membership, for details visit IIBF website).

(ii) Candidates must have passed the matriculation examination or its equivalent. The Institute may, however at its discretion, allow any candidate from clerical or supervisory staff cadre of banks to appear at the examination on the recommendation of the Manager of the bank / officer-in-charge of the bank’s office where the candidate is working, even if he / she is not a matriculate or its equivalent.

(iii) Subordinate staff of recognized Banking / Financial Institutions in India, who are members of the Institute, are eligible to appear at the examination, provided they have passed the matriculation examination or its equivalent.

Age: There is no age limit stipulated for the exam

Examination Fees / Registration Fees

First Block of 2 attempts


Second Block of 2 attempts


Note: plus service tax as applicable.

Medium of Examination:
The examination will be conducted in either in Hindi or English.

Scheme of Examination
Examination will be conducted in Online Mode at majority of centres and under offline mode (paper and pencil) at selected centres as per the notification given on the web site in this regard.

Examination will be held on three consecutive Sundays (one paper on each Sunday).. Each Question Paper will contain approximately 120 objective types multiple choice questions, carrying 100 marks including questions based on case study / case lets. The duration of the examination will be of 2 hours. There will NOT be negative marking of wrong answers.

Questions for the Examination will be asked calling for (a) Knowledge testing, (b) Conceptual grasp, (c) Analytical / logical exposition, (d) Problem solving and (e) Case analysis Online test will be conducted in three subjects viz.,


Name of the Subject/Paper

No. of Questions

Max. marks



Paper-I: Principles and practice of banking



2 hours


Paper-II: Accounting and Finance for Bankers



2 hours


Paper-III: Legal & Regulatory Aspects of Banking



2 hours

Note: Examination will be held in on three consecutive Sundays (one paper each Sunday)

Minimum Qualifying Marks:
Minimum pass marks to be obtained in each subject is 50 i.e., the total marks in 3 subjects should be 150. If all the three papers are taken in one go, the minimum is 45 marks in each subject but total should be 150. For example, in one subject it can be 46 and in other two subjects the marks are 51 and 53. In this case also the candidate is deemed to have passed. (The minimum marks in any case should not be less than 45 in each subject).

Note: Candidate should clear all subjects in JAIIB examination in a single attempt.

Time Limit for Passing JAIIB
Candidates will be required to pass JAIIB examination within a time limit of 2 years (i.e. 4 consecutive attempts). Initially a candidate will have to pay examination fee for a block of one year i.e. for two attempts. In case a candidate is not able to pass JAIIB examination within 1st block of 2 attempts, he / she can appear for a further period of 1 year (2nd block) i.e. 2 attempts on payment of requisite fee.

Procedure for Applying for Examination
Examination Application Forms will be available at the Institute’s website www.iibf.org.in which could be downloaded and filled in. Examination Application Forms duly filled in (for the detailed instructions refer the Examination Application Form) along with requisite examination fee should be submitted to the respective Zonal Office at Mumbai, Chennai, New Delhi, Kolkata.

Benefits of passing JAIIB:
As the DBF candidates appearing for IBPS/SBI PO/Clerks exams will be given preference in interviews, in JAIIB, one who cleared the exam is expected to get one increment. In Officer Cadre after clearing JAIIB you are entitled to get one increment. So, clearing JAIIB exam will be entitled you with two increments.

However those who enter in to a bank by clearing DBF need not write the JAIIB examination for promotions and they are eligible for one Increment after they join the Bank.

Note: Clearing JAIIB, CAIIB Exams is very useful in getting promotions apart from monetary benefits.
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