IBPS CWE-V Specialist Officers Exam Tips

Attention all bank aspirants. IBPS Specialist Officers CWE-V notification has been released. It’s time for making the weapons ready to crack the Golden opportunity. For all you need to follow – Preparation Guidance, Complete Study Material, Previous Papers, Mock Tests, Online Exams available here. You can go through this and plan yourself to crack the opportunity of becoming a Specialist Officer in one of the reputed Participating Public Sector Banks.

Specialists are needed:
In the 21st century Banks are rightly referred as “financial supermarkets” as they are offering plethora of financial services viz insurance, mutual funds, internet banking, e-commerce options to the customer apart from pure banking. Banking sector is the first to make the best use of IT & ITES for providing effective services to the customer. With the implementation of “Core Banking Solutions” – anytime & anywhere banking – Banking Domain had undergone total transformation in the last decade. Also with the entry of Private Banks & Foreign Banks, a healthy competition arose in the market for the use of technology, Marketing/ Advertising and recruitment of the right talent for the same got great importance for the sector.

All this keep Bank on toes to serve the customer, as customer retention is quite crucial for their business growth. Now Banks are moving from the idea of customer satisfaction to Customer Devotion, for the same Banks are trying to utilize the best of the talent for implementing technology/marketing and business strategies.

In this highly competitive age, all this made the banks to give up the old practice of tuning the generalist officers into specialists and made them to recruit TRUE specialists for the JOB.

What is IBPS Specialist Officers Recruitment?
Recently, all public sector banks except SBI group came under the IBPS umbrella for their recruitment needs. IBPS conducts a common entrance exam for recruiting candidates for the participant banks. Recent notification released is for the purpose of recruiting Specialist officers viz. IT officers, Marketing/HR Officers, Legal Officers etc.

All this brought great need for professional skills in all variety of activities ranging from recruitment, marketing, finance, business development, deployment of technology for quicker services and even complaint resolution.

Survival of the fittest:
Banking recruitment has no parallel in terms of number of aspirants compared to any other industry in India. IBPS specialist officer exam was taken by nearly 9 Lac people in 2012 for 10000 jobs, this itself manifests the demand for these jobs in the industry. In fact, nearly 50 Lac are appearing for various types of Bank exams every year and the number is going to increase in the coming years.

All this makes it clear that only the people with right skills can crack this test.

What it takes to realize your BANK JOB dream?
  1. Genuine interest:
    Are you looking at this JOB by choice or because of lack of other opportunities? Genuine interest in pursuing a goal can bring success closer. Multiple goals can reduce the chances of success as success is inversely proportional to the no of goals a person has in life.
  2. Know the Game:
    The skills that are tested in this exam are Quantitative aptitude, Reasoning, English and Professional knowledge with an exception for legal and agriculture officers for whom instead of Quantitative Aptitude, Banking awareness is tested.

    To be successful one needs to score 140+ out of 200 in the exam. But remember the fact that professional subject carries 75 marks, so one needs to prepare well for the same. More over to answer the Professional subject 50 questions one needs less time compared to other sections. Most of the students fear of English section of Bank exams and the same is scoring section for some. To improve scores in English, put equal stress on Grammar and Vocabulary so that you can aim for high scores rather than mere cut-off.

    One more point worth attention is candidate needs to clear aggregate cut off as well as sectional cut off to be successful, so give equal importance for all.

  3. Prepare the SMART way:
    Bank exams are simple in standard but test knowledge from various domains. Students need blend of qualities to succeed in this exam viz. Subject Knowledge, Ability to remember, Simplification skills, Speed, Practice and Accuracy. But mostly students depend on just practice to succeed which prolong their preparation for years. Instead, if a person is able to acquire aforesaid mentioned skills before practicing, they can speed up their preparation. Candidates need to have unique strategies to prepare for each section and to score more.

  4. Key Factors - Knowledge & Speed
    If we have to pick up two major factors that decide candidate’s success in the exam, they are Knowledge and Speed. In sections like GK & Banking, English and Professional subject, only Subject knowledge matters more than anything else. Person with right knowledge can score 80% of the marks in less than 10 minutes in these subjects, as in these sections there is no need to solve anything, which is not possible in Quantitative Reasoning. So these sections give more marks in less time and act as score boosters.

    Coming to Quantitative Reasoning, a candidate needs to have Knowledge as well as Speed and speed matters most here, as most of the candidates can solve all the Questions if given time. Many students waste their time either in simplifying simple things or doing simple calculations which should be avoided. Given time most of the quantitative questions can be solved by all candidates, but what matters is their ability to solve them in time.

    So, how to improve speed?
    Speed does not come from SPEED MATH alone, even remembering formulae, 20 X 20 tables, Squares up to 25, Cubes up to 15; important fractions and their equivalent percentages can improve candidate’s speed and help them save time for other sections. All these rest with students’ efforts.

    Every mark and second decides your success in the exam. So try to blend your preparation this way to crack the exam in one of the early attempts.

  5. Right Guidance:
    Many students have this Question in mind when it comes to competitive exams. Is coaching necessary for this exam? Answer depends on candidate’s skills more than anything else, but it is true that coaching helps and boosts your scores. As it is a highly competitive test, every mark matters, and right guidance alone can lead you the path to crack the exam. Good coaching can help you learning new problem solving techniques and short cuts.

  6. The Special 5 Seconds:
    In the exam some of the Quantitative Reasoning Questions can be answered without much of pen and paper work. Instead of hurrying bluntly to solve each question, one need to pause and spend 5 seconds looking out for a better method of solving the question if there is any, as some times this could save you 30 seconds later with a better alternative.

    20% of the Bank exam questions can be answered using commonsense in a few seconds, so remember “The Special 5 seconds”.

  7. Game changing 1 minute:
    Many of you might be wondering what could this minute be? IBPS exam went online since 2012, but 99% of the students have missed out one point which could help them in attempting more questions. In competitive exams, we should always attempt easy questions first, but to do the same you need to identify them giving a quick glance at all the questions. This is easy to do in Paper based test, but in online exam people can see only one Question at a time.

    In fact, even in online exam, there exists an option to see all questions of a section on single screen. But most of the students, unaware of the method and platform of the exam, fail to notice the option VIEW Question Paper, which is underneath to the right column question numbers. This can help students attempt easy questions first leaving the tough ones, thus improving the score.

  8. Respect good balls
    Even the great batsmen do not try to play all balls, some time they leave the balls deliberately, the reason for the same is they respect good balls. Intelligent candidates need to do the same. Tough questions should be left and move on to the easy questions faster so that more questions can be attempted. Whether you solve a tough question or easy question you will be awarded only one mark in this exam. So never waste time for solving tough questions, act wise in this exam to score more.

  9. Accuracy
    Mere attempting more number of questions will not help you in getting the job. To be sure of success, one has to attempt 80% questions with 95% accuracy.

  10. Online platform
    As online exams take more time it is good to have idea about how it works. Hence, more and more online tests could help you save more time.

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