Cell Culture Technologies

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Online Courses About the course:
  • The course will be a short primer to understand how ‘animal cell culture technologies’ have strengthen the bio-medical research from basic research to the modern drug discovery.
  • Animal cell culture was first performed in the very first decade of 19th century. Since then, tremendous development has taken place in this field.
  • The lectures will help the researcher to appreciate the developments during last hundred years and will help them to independently set up cell culture laboratories.
  • For non-biologist, it will be an informal way to demystify the intriguing routes of biomedical research where cell culture is a very ‘potent tool’.

Course layout
  • Week 1: Introduction & biology of cultured cells
  • Week 2: Equipments, aseptic techniques, safety protocols
  • Week 3: Culture vessels & media development
  • Week 4: Serum-free medium development & sterilization
  • Week 5: Primary culture, secondary culture, cloning & selection
  • Week 6: Cell separation, characterization, differentiation & transformation
  • Week 7: Contamination, cryo-preservation & cyto-toxicity
  • Week 8: Organo-typic culture & specialized cell culture techniques

Course duration: 08 weeks

Last date for enrollment: 24 July 2017

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Cell Culture Technologies Online Course
Published on 6/24/2017 5:04:00 PM

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