SSC Combined Graduate Level Examination - 2013

Staff Selection Commission has announced a notification to conduct Combined Graduate Level Examination to recruit Group B, C posts in various departments of central Government. The exmination will be conducted in three phases i.e Tier-I(Written Examination), Tier-II(Written Examination), Tier-III (Personality Test cum Interview/Computer Proficiency Test). Already the last date for application submission is over (on 15.02.2013). So the preparation should pick up speed in a planned manner. Here is the preparation plan for the candidates who are going to attend an examination on 14, 21 April 2013.

Scheme of Examination: In Tier-I exam all candidates will have only one paper which is divided into four parts. Each part consists 50 questions where every question carries 1 mark. The total marks are 200. The candidate should complete the exam within the time i.e, 2 hours 40 minutes. The four parts are..
Section Marks
English 50
Arithmetic 50
Reasoning 50
General awareness 50

This part consists 50 questions. The questions will be asked mainly from Synonyms, Antonyms, Correction of sentences, Parts of speach, Idioms and phrases, Improvement sentences, One word substitution, Correction of spelling, Passage etc.
Questions in english part is generally in the level of S.S.C standard.

Previous Questions: Exam held (8-7-2012)
1) He said /that he will meet me / at the resturant / No error
(A) (B) (C) (D)

2. Choose the correct alternative
a) They have lost ------ of their contacts.
i) little ii) much iii) many iv) small

3. Choose the altermative which express the best meaning of idiom /phrase
a) Iam looking forward to her arrival

i) Afraid of ii) expecting with pleasure iii) expecting iv) confident of

4. Find the correctly spelt word
i) literate ii) litterate iii)litarate iv) litarete

Arithmetic (or) Numerical aptitude: The questions in this section will include on problems related to

i) Number system
ii) Fractions
iii) H.C.F & L.C.M
iv) Simplifications
v) Percentage, square roots, cube roots
vi) Ratio & proportion
vii) Time and work
viii) Time and distance
ix) pipes and cisterns
x) S.I & C.I
xi) Problems on ages
xii) problems on Numbers
xiii) Mensuration
xiv) Clocks
xv) Calendars
xvi) Data interpretation
xvii) Fundamentals of Trigonometry, surds, indices, geometry, statistics etc.

candidates who belongs to Non-maths background require more practice with short cut methods.

Previous Questions:
1. then the value of x is ?
A) 1 B) 0 C) D) 2

2. The value of is ?
A) 0.005 B) 0.05 C) 0.5 D) 0.0005

3. I read 3/8 of a book on one day and 4/5 of the remainder on another day if there were 30
pages unread now, how many pages did the book contains?
A) 200 B) 60 C) 240 D) 65

4. When an item is sold for Rs.1690 a boy earned 30% on the cost price, then the cost price is
A) 500/- B) 630/- C) 1300/- D) 130/-

5. The x- intercept of the graph of 5x+6y=30 is
A) 4 Units B) 5 Uints C) 6 Units D) 15 Units

6. If the perimeter of a square and a reetangle are the same, then the areas P and Q enclosed by them would satisty the condition.
A) P<Q B) P £ Q C) P>Q D) P=Q

7. A solid sphere of 6cm diameter is melted and recast into 8 solid spheres of equal volume. Then the radius of each small sphere is ((in cm).
A) 1.5 B) 3 C) 2 D) 2.5

8. The heights of two cones are in the ratio of 1:3 and the diameters of their bases are in the ratio of 3:5 then the ratio of their volumes is
A) 3:25 B) 4:25 C) 6:25 D) 7: 25

9. "I" is the incentre of ? ABC, If
A) 90° B) 100° C) 110° D) 102°

Reasoning & Intelligence: In this part questions will appear from both verbal and non verbal concepts. In verbal reasoning candidates should prepare for the following topics...
a) Series b) Analogy
c) Classification d) Direction test
e) Missing characters f) Coding and decoding
g) Alphabet test h) Dice
k) statement - conclusion l) Mathematical test
m) statement -Assumptions n) statement arguements

Non-verbal Reasoning questions are mainly in pictorial form, its main topics are
a) Analogy b) Classification c) Series
d) Mirror & water images e) Embedded figures f) Cubes & Dice

Previous Questions:
i) Find the odd member/pair /word

1) a) Spicejet b) king fisher c) Air india d) Indigo
2) a) 500 b) 413 c) 112 d) 433
3) a) Elephant b) Tiger c) Lion d) Bear
4) a) 73-61 b) 57-69 c) 42-29 d) 47-59
5) a) college b) kindergarden c) school d) Education

ii) Find the missing number:

iii) Chose the correct alternative
1) SFJ, RGK, QHL––––
a) EMD b) VIJ c) PIM d) PKL

2) 6, 24, 12–––18, 8, 24, 0
a) 14 b)18 c) 16 d) 20

3) which word will appear third in the dictionary .
a) paralysis b) paralytic c) paralyse d) parallelism

iv) From the given atternatives select the word which cannot be formed using the letters of the
given word.

a) Lion b) Loan c) Nation d) Lotion

v) In a certain code 'p' is #, A is %, C is j and E is @ How is 'PACE' written in that code.
a) # j # % b) j % @ % j c) # % j @ d) none

vi) Tarun is father of Rohit, Rohit is the brother of kala, kala is the wife of Dilip How is Dilip related to Rohit.
a) Brother -in -law b) Father-in-law c) Sun d) Uncle

General awareness: The questions in this section appear from Indian History, Polity, Geography, Economy, General science, Current affairs etc.

Indian history: It is a vast subject but we can get more marks if we can prepare properly. The subject is diveded in to 3 sub-parts.

i) Ancient Indian history
ii) Medieval Indian history
iii) Modern Indian history
iv) National movement.

Polity: In this we go through the topics like Constitutional developments, Fundamental Rights, Fundamental Duties, Directive Principles of state policy, Union executive, state executive,

Geography: It is divided in to world Geography and Indian geography. In world geography mainly concentrate on solar system, Continents, Rivers, Population, Rainfall, Vegetation, Industry, Minerals. In Indian geography concentrate on physiography , River system, Rainfall Natural vegetation, Industry, Rerourcy, Minerals and population etc.

Indian economy: Candidate should concentrate on Nature of Indian economy, National Income, poverty, Unemployment, Budget terminology, Fundamentals of economic survey etc.
General Science: It consists mainly Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Human anatomy, Sciene and technology candidates need to prepare basics in every subject with more examples.

Current Affairs: Concentrate on one year current affairs and major issues like National issues, International issues, Persons, places in news, sports, Awards and economical issues etc.

Previous Questions:
1) who gave the slogan "InQuilab Zindabad".
a) chandra sekhar azad b) subhash chandra bose
c) Bhagat singh d) Iqbal

2) 2018 FIFA world cup would be held in?
a) Russia b) Qatar c) France d) Netherland

3) Fahien visited India during the reign of
a) chandragupta b) samudragupta c) Ramagupta d) Kumaragupta

4) what is the commonly used unit for measuring the speed of data transmission.
a) Mega Hertz b) Characters per second
c) Bits per Second d) Nano second.

5) Which of the following are warm blooded animals.
a) whales b) whale sharks c) Alytes d) Draco

6) which of the following folk dances is associated with "rajasthan"
a) Raof b) Jhora c) Veedhi d) Suisini
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SSC Combined Graduate Level Examination - 2013

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