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Career GuidanceEvery age of career knows and appreciates this skill. This is a very widely used phrase not just because of its use but because of the value it carries in the field of Professional world. Whenever a person is ready to look for his career options, he is determined to confront his battle with various tools. One of those tools is his presentation skills. Since it has a lot to explain and understand within itself, let’s first understand the broad perspectives under which a person’s presentation skills could be measured:
  1. Communicating Skills: We all understand that communication is one of the most important skills for any age. Whether it is for a student, fresh graduate, corporate careered individual or any other career. There are certain skills which develop over age, language with which an individual is being brought up, the career he chooses, the corporate need, the job role he is supposed to play, relationship handling within a team and colleagues in a meeting. Both personal as well as professional arenas’ needs are different because communication skills would be mastered as per the terms of the trade you are in because in some specific cases these skills can be developed as per the need of the profession and parameters of the job role too. Public speaking is one such profession.
  2. Body Language Expression: Every person has a particular way in which he moves, sits, talks, walks, laughs, giggles, shakes hands, stands, meets, greets, smiles, confides, etc. This is specific to that person’s personality and he would be known with those. There is a science to the whole understanding of body postures and body language which is as good as a communication expression through the body of the person. How positive is your way to communicate through your body so much you are known for a good and positive communication through your style of carrying your body.
  3. View and Opinion Expression skills: Every opinion and view of yours is your reflection of your thought and the way you put it across to others is what defines your unique ideology and thought process. If you put your opinion in a way that others are also respected and that yours is a suggestive approach, it will create immense substance and value to others. How others value your opinion or view is the measuring yardstick of how good you are in expressing the same. Expressing an opinion to an individual is different than to a group. To a group a more diplomatic approach will take you a long way. Expressing to an individual will depend upon whether it is a personal or professional acquaintance or whether the kind of relationship you share with that person.
  4. Reporting: Reporting can be in terms of the hard copy documents, reporting to a superior, reporting on a project, performance yardsticks on which employees are measured, etc. A very big chunk of this is reporting documentations or presenting your reports in the form of hard paper or giving speaking meetings along with the presentations. Making a speaking presentation is another area which exhibits a person’s apt knowledge and understanding about the subject he is presenting to others. There are different reporting requirements and every person needs to understand that need based on the job role he is into. Based on the specific need, the specific presentation skills need to be developed and inculcated.
  5. People handling skills: How a person expresses decides what kind of peer or superior he is. A person who works as a team can give great outputs but a person who can get the best out of his team is known to have great people handling skills. People can be handled well if you take all of them along with you and not just want to grab all the credit or step on others to pounce on each achievement of the team.
  6. Portraying your work: Every work done actually speaks by itself if it is backed by a pure intention to perform your best. An efficient person is seen from his attitude and not just from his smartness. A person who can work smart with an efficient attitude is the need of the hour these days. Which way works better for the growth of the company and individual with a positive attitude is the correct way most of the times.
You can present yourself better by concentrating on each of these skills narrated above. These six areas are wide enough to be covered in separate articles and just stand as an over view as to which areas a person needs to work on to grow in his presentation skills. We will try to speak on them in coming times.

Earlier you work on them faster; you will reach your stepping stones of success because -

“Your presentation skills become your ladder and tool in every way to take you where you aim to be.”


Author: Shachi Maheshwari
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Published on 1/18/2017 2:23:00 PM

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