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Career GuidanceWhenever I see people macro organizing something I wonder how will they be successful without micro organizing their stuff?

Well, it is hard to believe that in this unorganized world the importance of organizing is as vital as fuel in the car. Unless your car is fuel efficient you will end up using the best car with exorbitant cost and waste a lot of time as well. If you are not convinced of this please have a look at the last seven days of your work and routines and think about how much time have you wasted due to the unorganized behavior of yours. Some people think it’s a big deal to be disciplined about being organized all the time. But let me explain you how easy it is to be focused on more valuable stuff and optimize your time utilization by being organized not just for you but for your goals and routines.

You will wonder at the possibilities which unfold and the ample time that you get on putting in your energies once and for all. Efficient re-organizing helps your thoughts to be organized and leave you with more time to handle more important things in certain your life.

Let’s understand how:
For those who believe in scheduling of the work and meetings and studies, I must tell you one thing that if you have learned to schedule properly you have saved fifty percent of your time which people spend on thinking how to go next. There are a lot of books on how to schedule.
  • Keeping a to do list handy in planners
  • Having a board in your work area to focus on important dates
  • Tagging your mails as they come to respond on particular days
  • For students, categorizing the subject wise schedules and materials with the exam dates is a must
  • Marking calendars for important dates at the start of the month and in advance as it comes

Desk Organising: For those who are working it’s a good idea to clear all papers on the table the same day and get a three tray desk organisor and segregate the papers in three categories viz.
  1. To be cleared today
  2. To be cleared within 2 days
  3. To be cleared within a weak
This will enable you to clear most of your clutter within the same day and your targets will be done for the day; if you clear one tray and relook at the other two every day.

For students it’s a good idea to bring in their schedules and keep only stuff which they are going to use for the next two days and clear all others. Clearer the desk, better the mind to take in stuff you want and easier it is to focus on the relevant stuff. The schedule should guide them and this should enable them to save time in searching material they need to focus for the next two days precisely.

Colour or Other Coding: Everything in the house or office is the replica of how you can choose to willfully follow it. A soothing color in the bed room helps people to sleep peacefully. A blue at work ensures a good work environment. A green is soothe to look around in house to relax your mind. Make some defined areas in house and work to help colors to drive your mind so that it helps you do things peacefully and with good concentration. Code the files with similar colors to trace them quickly. Code them as per your need and maintain the symmetry of the same in your life at home and office to simplify your effort to search things.

Post: Put some appreciation post, it’s for good job of the day or important job for the day. One it will pamper you to do it and other it will ensure it is done.

Target Pointers: For working people the target pointers help to remind on deadlines and ensure the mind works on it whenever those pointers are in front of you. For students the syllabus or portion target pointers will help you to focus better and seamlessly.

Posters: Every area of work or studies or bed rooms should have some posters to motivate you to functionally concentrate on your effective corners. If you are inclined for your self-development then putting a poster to remind you on meditation or reading becomes a good idea. If you are a lazy bum then an energetic poster will remind you to get up and get going kind of energy. If you are student and reading then a poster reminding you to not waste time or utilize time on something to read is a good idea. Meaning what is of utmost importance can be fed into mind in an organized way so that you can do that effortlessly and don’t complain that you did not remember or have no time to do it.

Prioritizing: How to prioritize is something to learn in your early days before you start working to enable you to be a spot-on performer in every job. The categorization of what is a priority does not depend on what shouts louder but is easier to do this way and categorized:
  • Very Urgent Very Important- Same day
  • Urgent Very Important- Within couple of days
  • Very Important but not urgent-Within 3-4 days
  • Important but not urgent- Within a week
  • Not Important but needs to be done-within this month

If you are able to define your work this way, typically the clarity of this categorization will lead you to focus better and effectively.

There are lot of books and material available to organize each and every area of work, house and study areas to help you lead a wonderfully efficient and organized life. If you are willing to adopt them they will change your life. If not then at least try and follow the above ones and do a little bit on micro organizing to reach your goals of macro organizing.

Define it, organize it, utilize it and help your performance to outshine in the areas of more value rather than wasteful use of time because-

Your life’s effective utilization depends on how effectively you utilize your time…

You can do that when you organize other smaller jobs to keep you free to do valuable jobs…

Happy Organizing to all of you!


Author: Shachi Maheshwari
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Published on 2/1/2017 10:36:00 AM

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