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-An Article By Shachi Maheshwari
Career GuidanceWe all have followed rules, heard rules, made rules and broken them as well. When a person lacks clarity and consistency he is asked only one question in every walk of life - “What is that you want to do?” or “Are you sure?” and he again gets stuck up with that.

This is not because of really not knowing what to do, but may be due to overburden on mindsets, too many delicacies to handle, peer pressure, etc., that sometimes people get stressed and are not able to have clear structured mind to go forward.

So how can we work on our clarity and consistency in a way which helps us to groom our thought process to handle our situations better?
Rules, rules, rules… everywhere the rules are spread and every one of us is full of rules in mind, at work, as individual, for the genders, for family, for girl child, for male child, for behaviors, for performances, for dream path, from friends and relatives, etc. This list is so compartmentalized that we finally end up confused as to what is the ideal way to handle things in a simple way. One perennial problem is different identities are maintained at different places by individuals, different attitudes to handle things at different places, different responses are given as to different sets of people; so many times this switch on and switch off happens in mind, that the mind loses track of the present moment. If a person is in office, how he should answer the calls, how he should be at home and office, how he should trouble shoot; if he is with relatives of wife, what kind of behavior he will have to portray, how to handle varied ownership blunders at different situations in life.

For everything we have a norm, we have a rule, if a person is not being as per that definition he is judged and made to realize he has to be always walking on the tight rope. Hang on I am not narrating the hopelessness of the situation of our poor mind, but what I am trying to tell is that –

Is the mind not already working very hard and doing its bit to deal with too many avenues that we have created?
Should we not try and give some breaks to this monotony so that the mind also gets some time to relax, repose for the camera called life which we have created.

So then what is the ideal way to deal with the situation?
There is a way to understand this in two ways- “When you're at a place where you need to be in a particular way that allows everyone else at that place to do what they're here to do, it’s good for you”. For example, a school is a place where you are either teaching or learning. Teachers are here to teach, students are here to learn. So you have to behave in a way that helps that happen.

Another one- “Everyone is always at the right place at the right time.” This universe ensures that you are always at the place you need to be and where you are absolutely required or destined to be; that’s a well planned job of the universe. Questioning that is actually questioning the whole iota of gamut which takes care of this world to survive.

When you are struggling with clarity and consistency this is how you can help yourself:

For clarity ask yourself one question:
  • What will happen if this decision goes wrong?

If you have clarity of that, you can reduce your options and go ahead. If you are still having options, keep asking till you are left with the least risky option or the option which you can handle which may go wrong. Sometimes, even if you know you will not be able to handle, if it goes wrong you will take an informed conscious call and will be aware of the outcomes; and that is okay, because not always you can handle contingencies too.

If you are confronted with a situation where you are confused, this can help you for being consistent or better in handling your decision making. Ask yourself one question:
  • Are you fair in dealing this issue or person in this particular way?
  • Are you dealing it the same way how you did last time?
  • Do you have a better way than last time to deal?

Once you answer the above, one thing is sure that you will have justification of being fair; you will also deal with the situation in the same way or a better way. The only thing is that you should be aware when should you start to ask. You need to know when you will need help.

There is reason to be clear and consistent in life for so many good benefits:
  • Clear people have fewer complexities to handle.
  • Consistent people are relied upon more than others.
  • Clear people have an opinion of their own and can’t be dragged by others to any disadvantage easily.
  • Consistent people are generally fair and unbiased ones.
  • Clarity brings a matured execution too.
  • Consistency portrays stability in case of thick and thin situations.
  • Clarity combines with professional and personal goals very easily.
  • Consistency constantly increases the bar for the person to improve.
  • Clarity defines the purpose for a person and reduces his chances to take risky propositions.
  • Consistency holds responsibility and authority very effectively.
  • Clear person wastes less time as he moves forward with understanding.

If at all we realize and master these two qualities, we can enhance our productivity and that in turn helps a person to be agile and handle all situations well because-

“To reach to the top effectively a person needs to build up all his skills, it is not a one day job.”

Author: Shachi Maheshwari
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Published on 6/13/2018 5:30:00 PM

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