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Growing demand and job opportunities for ophthalmologists

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Earlier, all diseases were examined by a single doctor. If you have any difficulty in the body, now every organ in the body has a specialist doctor.
Edu news We will take chance if you have fever, body pains etc. but if you have any problem with eyes, we immediately go to doctor. Because eyes are very important. Eye specialists are called ophthalmologists… An optometrist is a specialist who performs eye exams on the advice of an ophthalmologist. Their services are very valuable in ophthalmology. In today's smartphones and online education era, from children to adults, everyone has eye problems. Let us know about optometrist's career and optometry courses that are crucial in eye exams and ophthalmology.

There are Certificate Level to Postgraduation and Research courses available in Optometry. Many medical colleges offer admission to one year certificate course recognized by the Paramedical Board of India. State Paramedical Boards are offering 2 year diploma(Opthalmic Assistant) courses.

B.Sc Optometry and Bachelor of Optometry courses. are available at degree level. MG-Optum Course is available at PG level. As the eye problems are increasing day by day, Optometrists are in high demand in the country and abroad too.

Certificate Courses
Learning the basics in one year certificate course (ophthalmic assistant) one can find jobs in Eye Clinics.

Diploma in Ophthalmic Assistant
Andhra Pradesh and Telangana Paramedical Boards offer two year Diploma in Ophthalmic Assistant course. This course is available at many para medical colleges in Telugu states.

Ophthalmic Assistant is a technician who works with an ophthalmologist in treating patients. Can become an expert on working with machines by completing clinical specializations in Diploma course. Ophthalmic assistant identifies patients' problems and reports them to the doctor, then doctors will treat them accordingly. Those who have completed Intermediate (Bi.P. C/ M.P. C) / 10 + 2 with 60 % marks are eligible for this course.

B. Sc Ophthalmic Technology
B. Sc Ophthalmic Technology is a 3 year course which is another important course in opthalmology services.This course is offered by various medical colleges in the country. The course offered by All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) is very popular. Apprenticeships should be done for a year after completing the course. Admission to the course is based on the Entrance Test conducted by the Medical Boards of the respective States. Candidates with 60% marks in Intermediate (Bi.P.C/ M.P. C.) / 10 + 2 Science group can apply for this course. Admission will be based on marks and reservation in the qualifying examination.

Bachelor of Optometry (B. Optom)
Bachelor of Optometry (B. Optom) is an undergraduate program. The duration of this course is four years (3 + 1). With 3 years academic and clinical experience, one year internship. Teaching and training includes eye examinations, diagnosis, treatment, disease detection etc. Those who complete this course will be instrumental in the design of contact lenses and eye glasses that are essential for improving vision. They helps to take care of eye after surgery. The patient is referred to the ophthalmologist after the diagnosis of any eye problems.
Eligibility: Intermediate Bi.P. C. pass with 50% marks .

Higher Education
Candidates who have completed Diploma Courses and Bachelor of Optometry can do the relevant higher education courses such as M. Optom. The courses are offered by various educational institutions across the country. All India Institutes of Medical Science (AIIMS), NTR Health University (Vijayawada) and Kaloji Narayanarao University of Health Science (Warangal) and many medical colleges in the Telugu states offer higher education courses.

Those who have completed optometry courses have better career opportunities. They are receiving attractive wages. The annual salary for those who have passed diploma courses starts from Rs. 3.40 lakhs. B. Optom completed candidates can get up to Rs. 6 lakh per annum. The wages in foreign countries are much higher.
Published on 7/4/2020 8:11:00 PM

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