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Everybody wants a secured job. In general, secured job means government job. But those posts are limited and the aspirants are numerous.In terms of qualifications, almost all candidates have equal qualifications. Everyone follows the same books and the same material. Only a few can get the jobs. Why? The candidates with perfect planning and execution are emerging as winners. Let us know about the planning and strategy to get success in competitive exams.
Jobs Newspapers
Timeplays a key role in the preparation of competitive exams. So, use the time wisely. Instead of searching for articles on the internet for hours together, make the habit of reading newspapers in examination angle.Know the latest developments, appointments, government flagship schemes and programmes etc. Try to follow the news, regarding the exam pattern, syllabus etc. and update yourself about everything.

One has to start the preparation after collecting all the details of the competitive exams first. Have to prepare a timetable and follow it. Subjects should be divided into days, and days into hours. It should be noted how much time it takes to understand the subject. Self-efficacy needs to be assessed.

Own notes
Candidates preparing for the competitive exams should make the habit of preparing own notes. They have to note the points while going through any subject.Revise the notes and make necessary changes after the completion of studying each chapter. Most of the students can easily recall the contents of the notebook rather than the printed books. That is the advantage of own notes.

Model papers
Old question papers and sample question papersof all competitive exams are available on the internet. They are also available at local bookstores. With model tests one can test self-efficacy along with gaining knowledge. Practicing model tests weekly and monthly will help you understand the style of the questions and topics to focus on. While practicing the model test papers using timer will help, know your speed.

Motivation is a must for success in any of the competitive exams. As the number of candidates are increasing every year, to be in the competitionmotivation is needed. Especially, self-motivation is crucial to get success in the competitive exams.

Discipline, Dedication
Success will never come easily. Sometimes it can be a long wait. Then, chance of diversion and lacking motivation will be high.Sometimes, candidates don’t have interest to study anymore. Discipline and dedication are essential at such times.

Whatever be theexaminations, goals, aspirations, health is important to achieve them. If you prepare continuously without considering the physical and mental health properly, you have to pay for that in the form of break in the preparation. It will definitely affect you to be back for your preparation. Should follow a healthy diet and keep away from junk food etc.

Some candidates will read continuously for four to five hours. It is not that good, because, it will increase the stress on the brain. So, try to take small breaks in between. Have adequate sleep. Quality of reading time is important but the quantity of time.

Number ofinstitutes offer coaching for various competitive exams. But instead of going to institutes you may choose online coaching. But, for this you have to take advice of your seniors regarding standard material. If you want any information regarding coaching institutes also you can enquire from them.

Group discussion
Group Discussions (GDs) are becoming increasingly important in the selection process of competitive exams. This includes discussing contemporary issues, important financial and banking issues. Candidates should therefore focus on contemporary issues. Also focus on the central budget - key issues.

Personal interview
The final phase of any selection process is personal interview.Most of these questions are related to the candidate's educational background, personal matters, work experience, national and international aspects, economic consequences and future goals. More importantly, candidate should be aware of political, economic and social issues of the country and the world.
Published on 5/13/2020 3:08:00 PM

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