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Alternatives to MBBS/BDS: Paramedical courses provide great opportunities in the medical field

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A great alternative for students who did not get admission in MBBS and BDS…. Paramedical courses. Paramedical courses provide employment opportunities for BPC, MPC, group students in the medical field.
Edu news Paramedics are medical professionals who are trained in such a way that they can diagnose diseases in the human body and can extend their support to doctors in order to ensure better medical treatment by doing medical checkups and other therapies.

If you are passionate about making a difference in people's lives and helping those who are in discomfort, it is a very good career path for you. The Paramedical industry has been known to be the backbone of the healthcare industry overall. While India is home to many skilled and qualified professionals in the field of medicine, the number of skilled and qualified paramedics in different fields and specializations is still low. The career opportunities and the growth available in the industry currently make paramedical as a career, a profitable option.

Let us have a look at Paramedical Diploma Courses, Employment Opportunities, Salary etc.

Details of courses currently in demand in the paramedical department
  • Diploma in Medical Lab Technology
  • Diploma in Medical Imaging Technology
  • Diploma in Ophthalmic Assistant Course
  • Diploma in Dialysis Technology
  • Diploma in Respiratory Therapy
  • Diploma in Medical Sterilization Management and Operation Theater Management
  • Diploma in Perfusion Technology
  • Diploma in Optometric Technician Course
  • Diploma in Radiotherapy
  • Diploma in Radiographic Assistant Course
  • Diploma in Dark Room Assistant Course
  • Diploma in Cardiology Technician Course
  • Diploma in Cath Lab Technology
  • Diploma in ECG Technician Course
  • Diploma in Anesthesia Technician Course
  • Diploma in Multipurpose Health Assistant Course
  • Diploma in Audiometry Technician Course etc.

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Medical Lab Technician
In order to diagnose the disease, medical lab technicians perform tests, Report to doctors … They are Medical Lab Technicians (MLTs). Based on the reports given by the MLTs, doctors prescribe medicines.

Diploma in Medical Imaging Technician
People handling MRI, X-ray, CT scan, ultrasound scanning etc. are well aware of these at present, because these are important for identifying the root cause of the diseases. Those who perform the duties of assistants in conducting these tests are Medical Imaging Technicians.

Ophthalmic Assistant
The course that provides skills to find the root causes of eye problems is Ophthalmic Assistant course. They work as assistants to certified ophthalmologists. Conducts diagnostic tests and reports to doctors (ophthalmologist).

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Diploma in Dialysis
With regard to kidney problems, Dialysis technicians play a key role in the outpatient dialysis departments. Skills such as quality and maintenance of equipment used during dialysis can be acquired through the Diploma in Dialysis course.

Diploma in Respiratory Therapy Technician
Course offering skills related to the diagnosis of lung and respiratory diseases are Respiratory Therapy course. Those who complete this course will assist the relevant doctors in performing ‘bronchioscopy’ test.

Diploma in Perfusion Technology
The role of perfusion technician is crucial in treating heart related diseases, collaborating with doctors in the operation theater, especially during heart surgeries. Perfusion technicians play a key role in the selection and placement of artificial devices for heart activation. Course offering these skills is Diploma in Perfusion Technology.

Optometric Technician Course
The role of optometrists in providing supplementary services to ophthalmologists in eye hospitals is becoming crucial. Precautions regarding eye problems, diseases, and methods of diagnosing them can be learned through an optometry course.

Diploma in Radiotherapy Technology
Doctors are using radiation technology in cancer treatment. What level of radiation should be given, how much dosage is required, etc. will be decided by Radiotherapy technicians. Physicians make decisions about treatment based on their report.

Diploma in Radiography
This is a course that provides skills in performing various diagnostic tests (X-ray, CT scan, etc.) for diseases that need to be treated on the basis of radiation. In fact, it is similar to the Medical Imaging Technician course.

Dark Room Assistant
X-ray is a procedure used to identify the source of diseases. Based on the quality of the X-ray films, it is possible to diagnose a specific part of the body. Dark Room Assistant is a course that provides skills in making X-rays as well as making X-ray films with quality.

Cardiology Technician
Course that provides skills related to heart function, Cardiology Technician course. It specializes in balloon angioplasty, anesthesia, and propping, which are essential for heart operations.

Cath Lab Technician
Candidates who assist physicians during treatment for cardiovascular disease are CathLab Technicians. They assist physicians in medical procedures such as angioplasty, cardiac catheterization, and electrophysiology. CathLab Technician is a diploma course that provides skills related to these.

Diploma in ECG Technician
Method of collecting basic details regarding the heart function of heart patients is Electrocardiogram -ECG. Course that provides skills related to Heart-Beat, Heart Impulses, and skills that make effective use of technical equipment is ECG Technician

Diploma in Anesthesia Technician
Anesthesia is the procedure used by doctors to keep the patient unaware of pain during surgery. This is the course that provides skills such as what level of drug should be given and what part of the body should be given.

Diploma in Multi-Purpose Health Assistant
Multi- Purpose Health Assistant, Implements functions in government departments in rural areas for preventionand control of diseases.Course offering these skills is Diploma in Multi-Purpose Health Assistant.

Diploma in Audiometry Technician Course
Treatment to be provided to those with hearing problems, examining the performance of the equipment provided to them, etc are the skills provided with Diploma in Audiometry Technician course.

Hearing Language and Speech Therapy Technician
This is a course that provides therapeutic skills for people with congenital communication disorders. Those who join this course will gain skills such as identifying communication disorders in individuals and conducting the necessary diagnostic tests based on the treatment sequence.

Dental Technician Course
Course on Dental Diseases is Dental Technician's Course. Dental laboratories are required to perform functions such as ceramic and dental implants, polishing and shaping.

Diploma in Dental Hygienist
The diploma course is almost the same as the dental technician course with regard to dentistry. Oral healthcare topics such as polishing, scaling, radiographs collection, local anesthesia, etc. skills can be gained through this course.

Diploma in Micro Surgery
Diploma in Micro Surgery…. specializes in vascular anastomosis and lymphatic microstructure.

Paramedical Opportunities and salary
The salary for the people engaged in the paramedical sector can range from Rs. 220,000 - Rs.10,00,000 per annum. Just like every other profession, the salary is bound to increase with experience. Candidates who desire to make a career in this field are expected to have practical knowledge and skill.
Published on 6/8/2021 3:09:00 PM