Stress-free preparation leads to success- Yaswanth Kumar Reddy, APPSC- 2016, Group1, 3rd ranker

Thousands and lakhs of candidates appear for competitive exams, but only a few stands at the top. JEE, NEET, GATE, IES… etc. whatever is the exam… the toppers didn’t achieve them overnight. Years of struggle, passion, dedication, commitment, made them reach their destination with flying colours. Some people want to serve the society and the nation. Hence, they prepare for groups and Civils. They will move ahead with their self-confidence as their torch. Here is the success story of such a person who cracked APPSC- Group1 in his first attempt. He is none other than Challapalle Yaswanth Kumar Reddy, who secured third rank in 2016 -APPSC Group1 exam.
Career Guidance Back ground I am from Kalugotla village, Chagalamarri mandal of Kurnool district. My father Pulla Reddy was a Head master in a government school. My mother Lakshmi Devi is a home-maker. I studied up to class 5, at Kottala mandal parishath primary school, Cuddapah district, where my father used to work. From sixth to tenth class I studied in Jawahar Navodaya Vidhyalaya of Rajampeta. I completed my intermediate at Vijayawada. I was graduated in Engineering with Computer Science at, JNTU, Kakinada. After completing my B. Tech, I got appointment at Indian Oil Corporation Limited with lakhs of salary. But, I was not satisfied with my job. I had an urge to serve the society and hence started preparing for Civils. At the same time, APPSC Group 1 notification was issued. I secured third rank in it in the very first attempt itself.

Aiming Civils…
I thought of preparing for Civils, when I was doing my engineering graduation. Initially, my aim was to get a government job. For that I appeared for GATE and secured 201- rank, with which I got a job as engineer in IOCL. I joined the job in August 2016, and after training, I was posted at Bangalore in September. I started preparing for Civils from the first day of my job. Apart 8 hours of my job, I dedicated most of the time for preparation. For the first three months, I prepared notes on my own by reading basic syllabus of Civils. As a CBSE student, it was not hard for me to study NCERT books. APPSC Group 1 notification was out when I was seriously preparing for Civils. I just wanted to test my luck and appeared for Group1 exam.

Profession, preparation…
Preparation while in profession was a little bit difficult. As my job was in shifts, I used to give time for preparation whenever possible. I was not happy for my profession just by spending only 8 hours for it, as there is a huge scope for learning and growth, technically and professionally. But, later I decided to prefer Civils to profession.

Preparing for highly competitive exams like Civils by being in any profession is very difficult. But with proper planning we can achieve our goals. I used to set every day goals and try to reach them. Whenever I felt stressed, I made myself relieved by visiting new places, watching a movie for a month, etc. Time is very precious. I never wasted my time. With professional work like computer software updates, audit reports, meetings etc. I was unable to get leisure time. Sometimes, I failed to reach my every day preparation targets with this. I used to complete them the very next day.

Preparing on own
We are getting any sort of information on any topic online now. So, I feel coaching is not compulsory. Lots of classes are available on internet (YouTube). We can prepare on our own by following them… should prepare notes by not getting discouraged or disappointed at any stage and continue preparation. It helps a lot. None of my family members knew about my Civils preparation. So there were no expectations. Hence, I prepared without any tension or stress.

The help I got from…
Along with some competitive exam websites, Sakshi Bhavitha, Vidya, Sakshi education websites helped a lot to crack Group 1 exam. I relied mostly on internet. I have gone through Spectrum publication for History and searched internet extensively for Andhra History and prepared notes. Books of Lakshmikant for Polity, Ramesh Singh’s for Economy helped a lot. I referred AP Socio-Economic survey for Andhra Economy. I studied this survey thoroughly. I gathered information from internet about land reforms. For Science and technology, I relied on official websites and prepared notes. My planning for preparation with repeated study of limited material, reflected in the result.

I expected job profile questions in the interview. But, I faced more general questions. I was interviewed for 20 -25 minutes.
  • What measures would you take if you get selected as RDO? Why didn’t I join M. Tech?
  • Why did you opt to come to administration side though you are drawing good salary being in PSU (IOCL)?
  • Can you get adjusted with less salary compared to PSU’s?
  • Why are you not preparing for Civils?
  • Special status, special package questions were some others I faced.

With the third rank I am appointed as CTO (Commercial Tax Officer). In the present day, youth is giving importance to entertainment, but I advice them to get entertained only after settling in life.
2016 -APPSC Group1 exam third rank self-confidence preparing on own Yaswanth Kumar Reddy
Published on 8/18/2018 11:35:00 AM

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