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Civils Prelims – 2016: Forty Important Days- Forty Important Things

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With not more than 40 days left, revision of all the subjects may not be possible. So, revising subjects after segregation based on the importance given by UPSC in previous years may be one of the right ways to remember things more effectively and to perform well in the exam.
Career Guidance Maximum Importance should be given to current affairs in all the subjects of General Studies without any exclusion. Suppose in Modern History also, current affairs has the significance to some events or persons like Komagata Maru Tragedy (1914) and Tantia Tope etc.

Let us list down most important things to do from now on in each topic of General Studies.

Art & Culture:
  • Revise NCERT on Ancient and Medieval India ( only Art & Culture Part)
  • 11th NCERT Art and Culture
  • Historical Temples, festivals etc which were in News for Last one Year.
  • Special focus on North-East festivals, Culture and Traditions.
  • Different forms of Dances, Music, Theatre Arts and Dramas.
  • Buddhist Councils (places where they were held and who headed it).

Modern History:
  • All Charter Acts
  • Movements / Organizations ( founder, place of origin, year, reasons)
Ex: INC, CPI, Swadeshi, Swaraj etc
  • Institutions ( founder, year, viceroy of the time)
Ex: Census, Survey of India etc.
  • Many “first’s” (Ex: First women president, First woman college graduate etc)
  • Important INC meetings ( year, its president, viceroy of the time & important decisions taken)
  • Wars with treaties in early Modern India till Battle of Buxar
  • Tragedies / Robberies ( Kakori train robbery, Komagata Maru Tragedy etc)
  • 1857 Revolt (many personalities who participated like Tantia Tope)
  • Clear differences in ideologies and mottos ( Ex: Swadeshi vs Swaraj, Non-Cooperation vs Civil Disobedience, Extremist vs Moderates, Gandhi vs Bose / Ambedkar, INC vs Muslim League etc)
  • Commissions (Ex: Simon, Cabinet Mission, Hunter Commission etc)

Indian Polity:
  • Revise Lakshmikanth Book
  • Concepts involved in current affairs (From January to May end)
  • Important Supreme Court judgments (From January to May end)
  • Important legislations passed
  • Committees constituted in last one year and their motto

Government Policies: All policies that are framed by the present government (Name, Comes under which Ministry/ Department, motto of that policy).

  • Only Physical Geography of India and World
  • Climatic regions in India and the world, and their properties
  • Census 2011
  • Socio Economic Census
  • Different cities / countries (arrangement from East to west, from north to south, longitudinally and latitudinally)
  • Important cities that were in news (from January to May end)

  • Clear definitions of all terms in Fiscal Policy, Monetary Policy and Capital Market
  • GDP, CPI, WPI, IIP, Core Sector etc(Who releases it, time width between two releases, its constituents, which sector got more weightage and base year)
  • Synopsis of Budget 2016 – 17
  • Important decisions taken by GoI, RBI and SEBI
  • Important Committees and their mottos ( Ex: Khelkar Committee on PPP etc)
  • Various reports released by various international organizations and India’s ranking in it.

International Affairs: Organisations or Groups or Bodies that were in news for last One year, and important decisions and declarations by them.

Science and Technology:
  • Only current relevant issues from September 2015 to May 2016.

  • National Parks / Sanctuaries and their climatic region mappings, and the animals or birds that are unique to that place.
  • Endangered animals or birds that were in news for last one year.
  • Important summits and major decisions that were accepted / adopted (Ex: Paris Treaty etc).
  • Government notifications on ban / restriction of various industrial products and declaring vermin etc

India Year Book: Read clearly what are the departments under each Ministry and which department implements “What” programme or policy or scheme, who releases “what” report or data.

Finally, read one synopsis book on Current affairs of last one year. For this you can refer to SAMIKSHA – Analysis of last one year Current affairs available in the market. Try to attempt at least one full length Grand Test every week without fail. Education News
Published on 7/1/2016 11:33:00 AM

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