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-An Article By Shachi Maheshwari
Career GuidanceAs and when I realize that there is a need to split the whole thing to the tiny pieces, I also understand one fact that this is a great habit to achieve big successes. Those who have made their way to the top have not reached there with big steps. Rome was not built in a day. Everything is built up as we see today is the result of the baby steps taken by so many millions for it to reach at that stage.

This principle is a simple one but is used very widely on every aspect of the life. The moment we dismantle the whole job into the small jobs, it looks easier to achieve it. Easier means more easy action and effort possible to move in the direction to execute or achieve the same thing which looks difficult to achieve before.

The best benefits of chopping the big piece into small ones are:
  • The efficiency improves many folds
  • The effort required is quite lesser
  • The probabilities to finish the big job increases
  • The performance looks suddenly measurable
  • The motivation and confidence of the person performing increases

There are a lot of ways to learn this art but the best way to be aware of the signification of cutting down to small pieces, one big thing can be seen if the following can be reminded of when you are struggling to finish any task which looks big to you:

Cover the Clock
When you are into it you can sometimes achieve faster. For some, the same task will take just about fifteen minutes while some may take a couple of hours because of the level of attention and getting deep within the job to accomplish. Try not seeing the watch till you get it right the first time and repetitive jobs become easier for you then.

Action impact on others
When you are working as a team, every action that you work on is meant to reap benefits only if others are also able to finish what they are expected of. And your action will define the energy and effort to others if you are a leader. Delegation is the biggest skill for a leader and if a leader performs part of the in Great Spirit, his action will definitely impact others to perform better. One job divided into small areas and delegated can reap faster and great results if the specifications and expectations are clearly communicated.

Deadline Specifications
Every time a target deadline is defined it helps to give a perspective to time available and the divisible jobs could be understood in the given time line. This reinforces the spirit of completion within time and a sense of achievement could drive this whole job. When a team is able to accomplish within the timelines they also bond well and a team feels built up on every other job given to them to execute with consensus and harmony.

At a time one day
Every time you take up something which has a long duration you actually tend to lose interest over a period of time on that job. This is not because you are not able to hold on to the engagement but it is also because the spectrum of visibility is too wide to give the feeling of achievement. It’s a good idea to divide the same into daily things to be accomplished so that every day could be ceased with pride and the deadlines over a smaller period ensures to give bigger and more number of successes in line to a person.

Multitasking a myth
In terms of every research now it is proved that whatever good we think we are in terms of multitasking ultimately we are only handling one job at a time through our mind. Nevertheless it is great to understand that when a big success is divided into small success steps every job needs to be done right and execution needs to be accurate to achieve the desired results. When next time you divide a job forget about the multitasking and try doing it one by one, it also improves the quality of execution as the attention and focus remains on one job and that will even maintain peace within you.

It is important to find an ideal way you want to deal with your segregation of small jobs of one big job, because these are only to give you suggestions and perform better and achieve the new heights easily as intended by you because-

“Your drive to achieve bigger heights of success is dependent on how effectively, easily and peacefully you are able to define your baby steps to the journey.”

Make your way as a spark in the dark!

Author: Shachi Maheshwari
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Published on 3/18/2019 6:15:00 PM

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